Menu for Passover week

Well, I did it.  I finally put together what w will be eating over Passover week. We are attending a Seder that first night, so I have a menu planned for the rest of the week.


Passover granola

  • Cottage Cheese and Fruit X2
  • Eggs and Turkey sausage
  • Mazto Brei

Passover - skillet matzo brei with cinnamon, apple and rasins

  • Smoothies X2 days


Mexican Matzo Salad

  • Chicken salad on Matza
  • Egg salad on……yep, Matza x2 days
  • Turkey/Lettuce roll ups
  • Matza with cream cheese and veggies


Passover sweet and sour meatballs

  • Baked potato with chili
  • Roasted vegetables and chicken
  • Matza Pizza

Babble Matzo Pizza3 300x207 Thin, Thin, Thin Crust Pizza: Homebaked in 5 Minutes Flat

Passover Brisket

  • Tibbouleh or Quinoa with chicken and veggies

(Most dinners served with warmed Matza with Olive oil/garlic)



For Passover...Macaroons


Raspberry Coconut Macaroons

Raspberry coconut macaroons


Passover Baklava Cake

Passover Baklava Cake

Matza toffee


Well, that is a doable menu.:)  Looks yummy, I can’t wait!

One thought on “Menu for Passover week

  1. You’re amazing! Baklava Cake?? Gotta get me some of that!! Sounds like my b-day cake for this year… Word to the wise, tho – I’ve tried various matzah Brie recipes about every other year for the 23 years I’ve been celebrating the feasts – it takes 2 years to forget how horrible it tastes and try it again with a different recipe – hope springs eternal. Let me know how it turns out (snicker!). ;-P

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